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So, after different months of works, we are happy to announce DisciplinedAgile@University!

This is the first time that there is a real concrete opportunity for master’s degree students in Software Engineer to take an Agile Certification course (DASM) and become a PMI DA Certified Scrum Master. We will have onboard about 70students!

This designation will help them to have more opportunities to enter faster in the world of work, and improve their approach to problem solving in relation to complex situations.

This was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (Naples, Italy), specially with prof. Anna Rita Fasolino, and the Project Management Institute (thanks Keren Moses Deront) that support us in this initiative and it's actively part of it.

A great journey for new Agile passionate…. stay tuned for more information. We will start in the second half of may!


Scott W. Ambler, Mark Lines


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