PMI, why don’t create an Open DA?

According with the aim to give good feedbacks, providing suggestions to improve the context or resolve a problem (not just to say: “that’s bad…” or “you are in fault”), I will try to use this post to boost the reflection started with the previous one, and propose few ideas to PMI to revitalize Disciplined Agile.

Just my 2cents to be proactive.

The first action that can be implemented is to “open” Disciplined Agile. To do that, it’s necessary to create and promote an independent DA Community, not a clone of the Advisor group, but a real open group (something more close to the original Concilium) that will works around the evolution of the toolkit, based on a widespread leadership. That’s very important to assure a rapid improvement of DA, valuing the feedbacks coming from the field: continuous improvement is a mantra in the agile world (and the “guided continuous improvement” of DA) and it’s not possible to have a year-based evolution roadmap, or, worst, no roadmap at all.


PMI will promote the Community, and the leadership group, giving them the empowerment to work independently in this direction and, if it make sense, creating the official updated new version with its flag. 

To support the work of the Community, a specific web platform (a collaborative tool) can be created. In this way it will be easier, and structured, to share the suggested improvements, discuss about them, vote them, and, finally, approve them. A real community!

On the new updates, PMI can structure the official certification path and materials, keeping an high quality standard and give a stable support to the market to develop, continuously, more value on the professional growth investments.

The second activity is to create a strong dedicate internal Product Team to establish a Value Stream, interacts and supports the open Community, works on the integration with the others PMI standards, improve the communication and create big international events about Business Agility.

The third activity is related to the local Chapters: supported by the internal Product Team, PMI must develop and communicate a clear vision about its idea of Business Agility and DA, creating a communication bidirectional flow, supporting local discussion groups and local events. This is necessary to remove the big confusion about DA and reduce the resistance and the idea that this is just “a supplementary” tool.

The forth activity is to establish a better partnership program to directly support companies and experts in the DA adoption and, after the related experimentation and application, create specific case studies to explain the benefits gained.


Sure, i haven’t a crystal ball, but, in my opinion, this four actions can be a good way to rekindle the enthusiasm on DA, and I’m ready to work on that.



Felice Pescatore 

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