AgileIoT, Hello World [ENG]

In development world, after the publication of “The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version”, a new programming language is presented with the traditional “Hello World” routine.

In our context, we don’t speak about new programming language but about a new methodology, or better a new methodology framework, that link two different domains that today are not well related: Agile and IoT.

AgileIoT is born!

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This project, designed in Italy, is based on a long discussion between different expert, in technology and methodology field. They discuss in deep about what really means the adoption of Agile/Lean principles and practices in creating Internet of Things solutions.

It is a charming challenge, embracing the future of internet through a “goal-driven” approach related to the main aspects highlighted by the fusion between digital world and physical world: Smart Car, Smart Metering, Smart Asset Management, Smart Home & Building, Smart Logistics, Smart City are the most known examples.

But, what is the real challenge? What we must do is to think in a holistic way in the development of the three pillars of an IoT product: Cloud, Hardware e Software. Best if we think about the Solution, and not only about the Product, where with Solution we mean the Product plus all the services needed for the deployment.

We won’t create separately these three elements and then integrate them, but we want create the Product, best the Solutions, working in an integrated way, day by day.

This is the primary goal, and is where AgileIoT Philosophy come out, inspiring herself to the “Renaissance Botteghe”, where the artists work with different materials and different technique to complete the order.

AgileIoT suggest an approach where the different point of views of the developers (think at the different between Software Engineers and Electronic Engineers) live together and find the right balance for getting the final result: create a Value Solution for the customer and the others stakeholders.

This is a charming trip with new and different challenges shared between technicians and designers. For example: energy challenges are new for software developers, and Continuos Delivery is not common for hardware engineers.

The way is long and winding, and AgileIoT would be an Open-Methodology, that everyone can modify, adapt and update for specific context. This is why the Guide is released like “draft 0.9.x”, highlighting that it is not a “solution to adopt” but a “solution to experiment”.

For now, that’s all.

We invite you to join AgileIoT on Slack, on Twitter (@agileiotdotorg) and follow us in public events.

All the info is on

Stay tuned!

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