DevOps: Delivery Enhanced Values Over Processes Smells

Hi to all, i decide to write this post in english because I, theoretically, would share my idea with all the people who reach my blog.

In my yesterday presentation at the Rome Future Decoded, I have a speech called “DevOps Jumstart”… nice, great and simple to understand what it is starting from the title… yes, but only in my mind!

How I understand that aspect? Simple, before a start to talk, I ask to the attenders: “Do you know DevOps? Do you use it?” and I discover that no one (no one!) knows what the word DevOps means!

If you analyse the word DevOps, you discover that it is derived by the sum of the words DEVelopers and OPErations… ok… that’s clear… no, wait again: clear for who? We are lucky if it is clear for technicians.

And if also someone have an idea of the origins of terms DevOps, it not really reflect the fundamental value that it try to embrace: create a really shared work environment to achieve more Value.

So, I had reflected on that aspect and I would try to transform the word “DevOps” in an acronym and what seems to me can be a good proposal is:

DevOps: Delivery Enhanced Values Over Processes Smells

What do you think about this? Please send me all your comments.

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